Why You Should Schedule Your Deck Remodel For The Spring

Why You Should Schedule Your Deck Remodel For The Spring

The Spring season is the perfect time to get your deck remodeled. The warmth of the sun and fresh air will be a nice change from being cooped up inside all Winter long. The increase in daylight hours also means that you can enjoy more outdoor time with family and friends, which helps reduce cabin fever. To help you plan your project for this year, here are 12 reasons why you should schedule your deck remodeling for Spring:

1. Lower Material Impacts

Wood shrinks and swells depending on the weather. As temperatures get colder, wood contracts. When it’s warm enough for people to be outside without coats (around 50 degrees Fahrenheit), wood expands. So if you want to avoid having little cracks in your deck boards or railings this Fall, then Spring is the best time to have them repaired.

2. Milder Weather 

Springtime weather is less harsh than any other season. The temperature doesn’t vary as much, and there are fewer storms, which means that the deck won’t endure as much wear and tear (or need repair work done).

3. Pressure is Off 

Winter weather often puts a damper on outdoor activities, so many people tend to stay inside. When you’re not distracted by your yard work or the need to use your deck for entertaining guests, it makes doing projects around the home much less stressful.

4. Grass is Green

Deck work makes a mess, you will need deck replacement in Ewing, NJ to tackle projects during Spring cleaning. So if you want to avoid having your deck project interfere with this year’s deep clean around the house, then it might be worth getting out ahead of time.

5. Timing is Right 

Your deck usually gets the least amount of use in early Spring. This means you’ll have more time to do your project and less risk of it getting pushed off because you haven’t had a chance to get out there yet.

6. Weather is Perfect

There’s nothing like doing outdoor projects when the weather is nice, and it doesn’t get much better than Spring. The last weeks of Winter are usually pretty mild (especially in areas that aren’t prone to snowstorms), making early Spring an ideal time for deck work.

7. More Comfortable Home

You won’t have to worry about the cold and discomfort that comes with Winter weather. It might seem like a small thing, but it makes all of the difference when you can enjoy your outdoor space without freezing.

8. Have More Time 

The best part about scheduling your deck project in the Spring is that you’re allocating yourself ample time to get it done. You don’t need to rush, which means that you can take extra care with each process step.

9. More Successful Project 

You’ll have all summer to enjoy your new deck. If you get the work done early on, then you can spend time using it throughout Spring and summer rather than waiting for warmer weather.

10. Cost is Less 

The longer your deck sits, the more it costs to do. So if you want a better price for your work and who doesn’t? Then Spring is the way to go.

11. Easier to Complete 

You don’t have as much going on in early spring compared with later months during this season especially if you are working with Woodbridge deck builders. This makes getting things done around the house and yard much simpler.

12. Won’t Feel Rushed 

If you need time before summer gets here to finish up some other projects or just take a break from being outside after spending so many Winter days cooped up indoors, then scheduling your deck to remodel now can help ensure that there’s still enough time left over for you to take care of other important tasks.

There are many benefits to scheduling your deck to remodel for spring. You’ll be able to take your time, get the work done more affordably, and enjoy a beautiful new outdoor space that much sooner.