NJ Basement Water-proofing

Basement Waterproofing:

Nobody wants a moldy wet basement. Its also harmful. Unfortunately New Jersey homes have many issues in this regard. Do you see water, mold or smell something bad in your basement? If the answer is yes then you need to give us a call quickly. Our consultation in complementary. 

Basement waterproofing and structural problems are things that most homeowners don’t know they need until it’s too late. NJ Tristate Remodelers offers leading innovations for water management systems, waterproofing, and structural work on foundations. Whether you have a small leak on the floor, or white substance (efflorescence) on the wall, cracked and peeling paint, or black mold. With a free home inspection from Tristate, we can explain what the issues are and how to correct them. Protect your belongings, your health and waterproof your basement today. It usually takes a single day!

Waterproofing from start to finish

Step #1 – Total basement waterproofing

Since most builders are neglectful in their designs as to what is necessary to assure a dry basement. We will start out by waterproofing your walls with a rubber membrane and protecting your basement walls below the slab to manage hydrostatic pressure.

Step #2 – Install a Thermal Barrier

Installing a reflective insulation eliminates wall moisture, saves on energy bills, and is tax-deductible!

Step #3 – Framing

We use frame out the soffits to hide the HVAC trunk lines and other unattractive obstructions.

Step #4 - Your choice: conventional sheet rock, purple rock, dura-rock, or aqua fiber rock!

“USG’s” aqua fiber rock is the super sheet rock of the industry due to the fact that it is dent resistant, super water resistant, mold proof, “class A” fire rated, and that it hangs, paints, and look like sheet rock. The only difference between the two is that aqua fiber rock is definitely stronger than sheetrock.

Keep the water out

Stay dry and healthy