Why Homeowners Choose A Licensed Contractor For Their Remodel

Why Homeowners Choose A Licensed Contractor For Their Remodel

Today, homeowners often look for residential contractors with significant experience and a high level of training to their remodeling projects. However, some homeowners still have reservations about outsourcing to a contracting company. Here are some of the top reasons why you should hire a licensed contractor for your home improvement project.

Higher Level of Safety & Code Compliance

Specific building codes and regulations for remodels must be adhered to by law. These codes are designed to keep a home structurally sound and safe and help you get maximum value out of your remodel. Fortunately, licensed contractors must follow a set of safety codes required by the state. They must also pass an exam and pay a fee to get their license issued by the local state department of building inspection board. 

High-Quality Materials

When you use an unlicensed residential contractor, you cannot know what materials they used in their previous jobs. That means that you may use substandard or less than-optimal materials for your project. If you use a licensed contractor, it’s up to them to ensure that only high-quality materials are used in the construction process. That is because licensed contractors follow strict material guidelines set by local and federal regulations.


In the world of contracting, there is always the possibility of an on-site injury or material damage if the wrong tool or procedure is used. Having liability insurance protects yourself and the contractor in case of an incident when providing Woodbridge roofing and siding services. Also, Licensed contractors have access to licensed equipment, including everything from nail guns, scaffolding, and even lifts. Using such equipment without a license can result in fines or jail time. Get it right the first time by hiring a licensed contractor with all the tools they need for your job. Further, once they have completed the job, they will submit an Affidavit of Completion. This document notifies insurance companies that your project was completed using approved materials, methods, and techniques set forth by governmental organizations.

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Hiring a licensed residential contractor is an excellent way for you to ensure the safety and quality of your home improvement project. By working with a professional contractor who has been appropriately trained and certified in their field, you can rest assured that they will use high-quality materials and methods without worries about putting your family at risk. To learn more about why homeowners choose a licensed contractor for their remodeling projects, contact us today at 856-768-1027 for a free quote.