When is the Best Time of Year to Have Your Basement Waterproofed?

When is the Best Time of Year to Have Your Basement Waterproofed?

Basement flooding can cause significant damage to your property. Waterproofing your basement not only helps to keep your property dry during the rainy season but also aids in reducing the cost of an insurance claim in case of flooding. Waterproofing your basement is more effective when it is done during the summer. The period from June to September is when we get a much-needed break from the rain. Waterproofing your basement can be quite expensive when you work with the wrong contractor. You should hire a home renovation company in New Jersey that has built its reputation around its quality. At Tristate Remodelers, we offer some of the most competitive pricing without compromising on the quality of our services. This guide explains why the summer is the best time to waterproof your basement.

The High Temperatures In The Summer

Any form of house remodeling is more efficient when done during the summer due to the high temperatures. Basement waterproofing is done through the application of protective coating and sealants. The high temperatures in the summer create the ideal environment for both of these products to dry up. Additionally, the high temperatures make it easy to shovel the dirt surrounding your property, which is essential in bringing the overall cost of the project down.

Protect Your Property Against Water Damage

Basement waterproofing involves a lot of shoveling of soil surrounding your house. If it is done during the winter, water can easily penetrate your house through cracks, which can cause significant damage. Waterproofing your basement during the summer not only eliminates the risk of water damage but also makes it easier to shovel the soil.

The Ground is Not Frozen

The months of winter can mean heavy rains and snow which freezes the ground. This makes it very difficult to dig up the area surrounding your property making your basement waterproofing more costly. It is much easier to dig the ground during the summer because it is not covered with layers of snow. However, if you have to waterproof your basement during the winter, make sure that you work with an experienced remodeling contractor in Edison, NJ.

High Humidity Levels

Most basements are filled with mold and damp during the summer due to a rise in humidity levels. Excessive moisture in the basement also goes hand-in-hand with a rise in humidity levels. This affects the quality of air in your house due to the smelly and stuffy air coming from the basement. Although it is possible to clear the air by installing an air conditioner, waterproofing the basement is the cheaper option.

Basement waterproofing is a simple project when done at the right time. Summer is the ideal time to waterproof your basement due to the high temperatures and a rise in humidity levels. The best way to ensure that your basement is professionally waterproofed at an affordable cost is to do your homework before you choose a remodeling contractor. Feel free to contact us at Tristate remodelers for a free assessment of the condition of your basement in New Jersey.