What Are Double Hung Windows?

What Are Double Hung Windows?

Replacing old windows can add value and enhance the beauty and efficiency of your home. There are many types available depending upon the style of your house. But the most popular and widely used are vertical sliding-sash windows referred to as single-hung or double-hung.

Sash Windows

The earliest sash windows appeared in the 17th century and were single-hung. The top sash of the window was fixed in place. The bottom sash opened and closed, moving up and down with the help of a weight and pulley system. Modern single-hung windows are still in use today. They allow ventilation through the single opening of the lower sash.

Double Hung Windows

Double-hung windows evolved from single-hung. But even still, they have been around for well over 100 years. At a glance, both types of windows look the same. The most important difference on a double-hung is that both the top and bottom sashes are operational. The bottom can slide up, the top can slide down, or they can be open at the same time, allowing more efficient airflow.

Windows that open from both directions are helpful during warmer seasons. Opening the top and bottom sashes in equal parts allows warm air near the ceiling to escape outward. At the same time, cooler air from outside can flow in through the bottom opening.

Original double-hung windows operated with a counterweight system, but all of today’s sash windows are designed more simply to slide up and down without them.

One of the best additions to modern double-hung windows is the tilt feature. This addition makes cleaning the outside window panes quicker and far easier than before. A latch at the top of each sash releases to let it tilt inward to a 90-degree angle. The inward tilt gives the homeowner complete access to the outside of the window. This access allows thorough cleaning, especially in those previously hard-to-reach corners. The windows then tilt back upward and inward to snap back into place.

Frames for double-hung windows are available in wood, vinyl, or a composite of wood, laminate, and plastic. Expense and durability vary between materials. Consider the pros and cons of cost and maintenance when choosing your replacement windows.


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