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Tips to Keep Your House Siding Safe from Power Washing




A home with clean siding keeps a fresh appearance in every house. Power washing is a great tool to accomplish this. It can keep a home’s siding looking new year-round! There are, however, some valuable tips to help protect your siding and to achieve a better outcome when using this tool.

It is first important to consider how to protect your siding when power washing. Power washers are excellent tools but can cause damage if used inappropriately. Too much pressure could crack your siding or cause water to seep beneath it allowing for the potential of mold growth.

To prevent this, it is better to begin spraying from farther out and with lower pressure. Gradually moving closer and increasing the pressure will allow you to gauge the effectiveness of your spray without damaging your home. It is also helpful to remember to work in an upward fashion with the nozzle angled at 45 degrees. The appropriate angle is equally important in preventing water from escaping beneath the siding.

Working in an upward fashion helps to ensure that you are uniformly covering each side. Starting from the top allows liquid to run down unevenly, potentially confusing where you have sprayed. This is particularly important when using a power washer cleaning solution.

These solutions are very helpful when power washing. More difficult dirt and grime stains are better cleaned with their use. Just be sure to follow the directions listed on the bottle. This will ensure you use the appropriate amount, as well as allow the mixture to soak for the proper amount of time.

Most of these solutions have the mixture sit for around 10 minutes. This is a great time to attach an appropriate brush to your power washer and identify those more dirt-embedded areas. Using a brush can help lift away these more stubborn stains and are especially useful for electric-powered washers. While this type of machine works well when power washing residential homes, they do tend to have a lower pressure than gas-powered machines.

Typically, it should be performed once a year and during warmer months. Avoid power washing during the winter season. It is important to avoid freezing temperatures when performing this task.
Overall, power washing is a great tool. Following the proper steps can truly offer any home a fresh appearance while enhancing the lifespan of its siding. To ensure a professional job, consider searching for siding companies in Long Branch, NJ. Paying a professional can guarantee the task to be performed safely and with skill.