Things To Consider Before Replacing Your Doors & Windows

Things To Consider Before Replacing Your Doors & Windows

As time goes by, things at home wear out. You’ll notice curly shingles on the roof, cracks in the foundation, in addition to air coming unimpeded through the windows and doors. To repair the problems, home remodeling in Ewing, NJ should include new windows and doors. These are things homeowners should consider before replacing them.

Replacement Doors

The front door is the first thing visitors see when they enter your home. It’s vital to curb appeal, not to mention security as well as escaping air.

Curb Appeal

Homeowners don’t have to sell their homes to upgrade them. Outdated door styles, door knockers, and colors are simple fixes. Buy solid wood doors or steel doors for a more modern, attractive look. Choose a color complementary to the house’s color scheme with new fittings.


If you have to place a towel beneath the front door to prevent air from getting out, then you need a new door. Eleven percent of air escapes through doors, making your power bill escalate. Simple weatherstripping isn’t always enough, so replacing the door is vital to your finances as well as your comfort.


Older doors with cracking or peeling paint are easily pried or kicked open. If you don’t feel safe in your own home, then replacing the front (or any exterior) door is paramount.

Replacement Windows

Experts agree that new windows should last 15 to 20 years. However, in that time, ten percent of air will leak out of the windows. Here’s what to look for before you call for new window installation in NJ.

Energy Efficiency

Seeing a spike in your power bill means energy is flowing out of your house. The seams and sashes of the windows will feel drafty. Poor installation will also affect your energy bills. Check that your windows are level, plumb with the frame, and not bowing or sagging.

Single Pane Windows

While double pane windows are a little more expensive, they’re also better at preventing thermal transfer through your windows. Double pane windows use argon gas to insulate your windows. Some windows use foam insulation in the window frame to prevent thermal transfer. These innovations will save money on your power bill.

Fade Factor

Fading wall paint, wood floors, and furniture mean the sun’s harmful UV rays are getting through your windows. New ones use Low-E or low-emissivity coatings to prevent this fade factor.

Window Damages

Baseballs crashing through the glass aren’t the only damage that can be done to windows. Moisture causes condensation and fog on the panes and frame, resulting in mold and mildew.

Cracks And Broken Glass

Cracks and breaks in window glass aren’t only signs you need new windows, they’re a security risk as well. Energy efficiency goes out the window, pardon the pun. Pests and allergens have free access to your home as well. You need new windows.

If these aspects of windows and doors are familiar to you, save yourself some money and enjoy energy efficiency in your windows and doors by contacting Tristate Remodelers today.