The Most Effective Ways To Work With Contractors

The Most Effective Ways To Work With Contractors

At some point, homeowners have to work with contractors such as roofers, deck installers, or remodelers. The relationship can be very beneficial and smooth, especially if homeowners keep a few things in mind. At Tristate Remodelers, we offer home remodeling in Woodbridge, NJ, and surrounding areas and would love to offer our suggestions for the best ways to deal with contractors.

Know What You Want (Or Get As Close To It As Possible)

We understand that people don’t always know what they want upfront and that their needs and preferences can change. However, try to do as much legwork as possible before you sign agreements with contractors.

Once documents are signed, both sides’ ability to change plans is limited. Here’s an example: Halfway through bathtub installation is not the best time to decide you would rather have a different tub. If you make changes that deviate from agreements, expect delays and additional expenses.

Get Agreements In Writing

Get the details about the project scope, materials, payment, timeline, and related issues in writing. This way, neither side can go back later and say something like, “We never agreed to do that!” You have the proof that contractors did agree to X or Y.

Expect Delays

Delays can be frustrating, but they are not necessarily something the contractor can control. For example, weather can affect both indoor and outdoor projects. So, if your contractor says the work will take about 14 days, that might not mean 14 days in a row (whether weekends are included or not). It could mean the work takes a month in total, depending on how well the weather cooperates. Previously hidden problems can delay work, too.

Over Budget And Prepare To Prioritize

Many jobs end up costing more money than homeowners thought. It is always a good idea to discuss your budget with contractors (typically, they will bring this up, anyway).

You may end up spending as much as 20 percent or even 30 percent above your original budget if, say, lumber prices increase or contractors find hidden problems such as rotten wood. 

Whatever the case, tell your contractor at the beginning you’d rather limit the job to $X amount but could spend up to $Y amount if strictly necessary. Down the road, the contractor may have you prioritize certain aspects of the project, for instance, if you want different materials that save you money and keep you under budget.

Stay Out Of The Way

For the most part, contractors prefer if you stay out of the way. It gets the job done more efficiently and reduces liability issues. That’s not to say you have to completely disappear. It is fine to say hi and check on the work, but you probably won’t need to get involved in the actual work.

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