Professional Techniques and Tools to Use in Basement Waterproofing

Professional Techniques and Tools to Use in Basement Waterproofing

Your basement is more than a large storage area. In some homes, the basement is a second living area. It is the lowest part of your home, and it needs protection from the elements. Water damage is costly, and dirty water can affect your health. Anyone who has had water damage in their basement knows that it is a frustrating ordeal. Dealing with ruined carpet and damaged furniture is emotionally draining. Before you have a major issue, you should consider waterproofing your basement.

Water Damage and Waterproofing

Several things can cause water damage in your basement. Condensation, rain, floor cracks, and groundwater are the most common issues in basements. There are several things we can do to waterproof your basement. The methods are classified as interior or exterior waterproofing services. All cracks need to be sealed before we can waterproof the interior of the basement. We can seal the cracks with a polyurethane caulk.

Interior Waterproofing Methods

When the cracks are sealed, we can use waterproof paint in your basement. You can paint over the waterproof paint when it dries. If your walls have not been sealed, we can use a sealer on your concrete walls. The sealer will soak into the concrete, and it will form a waterproof surface. The sealer will not peel off your walls.

Exterior Waterproofing Methods

Waterproofing the inside of your basement is a good idea, but you should not ignore the exterior. We will need to excavate around your house before we waterproof the exterior. When the excavation is finished, we will install a coating that is covered by drainage panels. These panels will give the water an easy path to flow to the base of your foundation. The water will flow to a storm drain when it leaves your foundation.

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