Bathroom Remodeling: Essentials Details to Consider

Bathroom Remodeling: Essentials Details to Consider

So, you want your kitchen to stand out. You’re tired of the outdated look and want to revitalize your cooking experience. A complete remodel might on your mind for several reasons: you have just bought a home and want to update it, or the old design of your kitchen just isn’t doing it anymore. Additionally, there may be safety concerns that demanded a remodel. Whatever your reason, you no doubt wish your kitchen to reflect the most aesthetically pleasing and up-to-date look available, and, thanks to the internet, there are a myriad of design options to choose from.

Luckily, we have scoured the most modern, and unique looks for your kitchen vision. Local home remodeling in Keansburg, NJ can be satisfying to both your aesthetic and your needs with these fresh and unique designs at the cutting edge of home kitchen design in 2021.

First up is kitchen cabinet style. Deeper hues of warm pine green are very trendy this year and offer an unexpected but calming pop of color to any cooking space. Long, oversized drawer pulls are in, along with large porcelain novelty knobs which you might find at an antique or thrift store.

Another trend to keep your kitchen counters looking fresh is understated neutral marble. Pick soft marbling in whites, greys, or neutral beiges to update your kitchen. Then add a tile backsplash for a truly updated look. The backsplash need not necessarily be real tile–an assortment of cost-effective products are available to choose from in the form of tile-patterned laminates and vinyl, waterproof tile stickers, and more. Hanging pots are also very popular and offer a unique and homey feel to your kitchen while maintaining that modern look.

Don’t forget to install a couple of display shelves in your kitchen. Carefully placed beautiful objects are also very in right now and give you a chance to express some individuality in your design. A cookbook you love, a quirky cookie jar, or a vase of your favorite flowers could be just the look to keep your kitchen unique and stylish at the same time.

You may also have seen rugs in kitchens–so if you get in on this trend, be sure to purchase a machine-washable rug to eliminate the hassle of rug cleaning. A faded, Turkish-style rug will keep your kitchen looking classic and unique for years to come.