How To Remodel Your Bathroom In 2 Weeks

How To Remodel Your Bathroom In 2 Weeks

The bathroom is often overlooked when people think about renovating the interior of their homes. The amount of work and time required to remodel the bathroom is a mental hurdle for many. With the proper tools and the right team behind you, you can remodel your bathroom over a span of just two weeks. Here’s how: 

Determine The Design 

Choosing a design for your bathroom remodeling job is the first step. A simple floor plan or layout will help you budget, as well as help you know exactly what you need to purchase. 

Here are a few questions to ask yourself when thinking about a new bathroom design: 

  • What would I like to remove or replace from the bathroom? 
  • Is there anything I can move around to upgrade the look? 
  • What’s missing from my bathroom? 

Choose The Materials

The best part about renovating your bathroom is choosing the colors and materials you want to use. When completing a project on a short timeline, be sure to select materials that are easily accessible. It’s also important to select materials that are easy to clean and maintain. For instance, while marble looks stunning around the house it is not very strain-resistant, so it can be a challenge to keep it looking pristine.  

Even small upgrades to your bathroom can make it look refreshed. Adding new lighting or a fresh coat of carefully chosen paint may be all you need to bring new life to your bathroom.

Make A 2-Week Schedule To Stay On Track 

In order to get your bathroom remodeling job complete in two weeks, developing and adhering to a schedule is essential. Begin with the big components of the project, like sink or toilet replacement, before moving into smaller tasks like paint and decor. 

Creating a schedule helps you stay on track, but be sure to allot time for unexpected issues or delays. Avoid making last minute changes to the design or materials that could slow down the process. 

Hire A Professional 

Experienced and skillful professionals can help you be sure your two-week bathroom renovation gets done right. Our team at Tristate Remodelers can help you plan your renovation, source materials, and support you through every decision you need to make to achieve the bathroom of your dreams. Whether it’s a small fix or an upgrade to a luxury bathroom, it’s essential that you have the best home remodeling contractors in NJ by your side.