How a Remodeled Bathroom will make you feel like a King or Queen

How a Remodeled Bathroom will make you feel like a king or queenA newly remodeled bathroom can make you feel like a king or queen every time you step in it. Here is how you can get the royal bathroom you’ve been dreaming about and feel majestic every single day.

Luxury is for Bathrooms of All Sizes

Whether your bathroom is small or large, keep luxury at the forefront of your design. A non-cluttered, clean look is what you’ll want to achieve. Think about a relaxing atmosphere, a spa environment, or your tropical getaway. It’s all about defining your desires for your grand bathroom.

Select Beautiful Sinks and Faucets

A modern sink with elegant fixtures makes a noble statement. Gold or brass faucets convey warmth, and silver-tone never goes out of style. Pick your sink and faucet choices early on. The best remodeling services in Fords, NJ can assist you with pulling the imperial look together.

Countertops and Mirrors that Glamorize

Marble and granite are popular sophisticated options. Engineered quartz, engineered stone, or solid surface countertops are also good choices to consider for your vanity.

Choose a bold statement mirror with a frame that resembles a work of art. Otherwise, pick a beveled edge one for a crisp, simpler look for your graceful bathroom. These details can make you feel like you’re stepping into another world of relaxation and pampering.

Selective Bathtubs and Shower Stalls Make a Difference

For a large space, a jetted bathtub transforms a dull bathroom into a spa retreat. Smaller areas can speak the language of the spa with a rain shower or other type of fancy showerhead. If you’re swapping out the tub for a shower, adding a bench in there will also give your new bathroom a luxurious touch.

Plants Clean the Air and Incorporate Nature

Plants make a bathroom look like a tropical paradise. Just one or a few strategically placed on the countertop or plant stand will do. Orchids and Boston ferns are excellent choices.

Pick Porcelain or Ceramic Tiles for the Effect of Opulence

Porcelain and ceramic tiles automatically raise the level of quality to any bathroom. Both are durable, so either would be an elegant choice for your bathroom floor and walls.

Get Started on Designing Your Dream Bathroom

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