Does A Finished Basement Add Home Value?

Does A Finished Basement Add Home Value?

When considering finishing your basement, think about how much value it will add to your home. Not all the updates are worth it. Make the right choices and you will feel good about your investment into it.

Good Updates Add Value To The Home

Consider which updates are most needed. If nothing has been done down there, then start with the basics and finish the walls. Section off the rooms but keep the spaces large and open so that the one who eventually buys the house will see the potential down there.

A Finished Basement Needs The Right Rooms

If you want to finish the basement rather than leaving open spaces, then create a bedroom and bathroom. These rooms will add value to the house. You may also get some use out of them and that will make the remodel worth it.

Lots Of Good Lighting Adds More Value

Make sure there are plenty of windows in the basement. They should not only be large enough to be up to code, but they need to let in lots of sunlight during the day. Put in good lights for the nighttime, as well.

If You Get Some Use Out Of It, It Will Be Worth It

If you want to make smart investments with your house but aren’t planning on moving too soon, then think about what you want from the basement. If you would like a large family room, then make it. You could also make a nice storage area or a gaming room. Create something you want so that the money you put into it is worth it no matter how much you sell the house for one day.

Inexpensive Materials Can Be Used In The Basement

One reason to feel good about the basement remodel is that you can use inexpensive materials for it. It doesn’t cost a lot to get a room put together because the basement isn’t held to as high of standards as the rest of the house. The return on the money you put into the house will be about seventy percent of what you put into it, and you need to consider that when choosing what to do down there.

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