5 Window Styles That are Popular in 2021

 7 Things to Consider When Replacing Your Windows

With more time spent at home, many homeowners are realizing just how outdated their windows are. If you want to invest in your windows and ensure they remain on-trend, here are five window styles that are popular in 2021.

1. Large Windows with Lots of Height

Thanks to the pandemic in 2020, homeowners are more eager than ever to allow natural light to flood in their homes. Not only does natural light make rooms feel larger, but it’s also less harsh on the eye and saves on energy. Homeowners want their new windows in NJ to be taller and wider.

2. Windows in Seasonal Rooms

3-season and 4-season rooms have grown in popularity thanks to more people working at home. With those seasonal rooms, homeowners want windows that take up most of the wall space. There’s also an emphasis on window-slider doors.

The goal is to minimize as much separation between the indoor world and the outdoor world as possible. Being locked in a home office for hours on end without a view can make one become stir crazy.

3. Easy Accessibility

Opening windows is difficult. Thanks to aging and weathering, opening and closing windows can be tough. Window manufacturers are looking to change that by making them more accessible. New windows have a simple latch or button that needs to be pushed to open or close a window.

4. Black Window Frames

In terms of color, more homeowners are opting for black window frames instead of traditional wood or white. The black frame creates a striking contrast against the rest of the house.

5. Energy-Efficient Windows

With more people becoming aware of the severe consequences of climate change, they’re looking to do their part. One way is through using energy-efficient windows. This is another trend that is on the rise in 2021. It’s also important for homeowners who are working from home.

Long gone are the days where you would turn the AC low or high while you were out of the house and at work. Now, you’re in the house all of the time. To compensate, you need windows that will help your insulation system as much as possible.

Get Your New Windows Installed

It’s surprising the change that a new window can make to your home. To ensure your windows are installed correctly, call the professionals at Tristate Remodelers.