When To Renovate Your Deck Vs. Installing A New One

When To Renovate Your Deck Vs. Installing A New One

If you have a deck in your backyard, you have used it for cookouts, birthday parties, or just to sit on and soak up the sun on a warm day. But like anything else with your home, your deck will need some TLC now and then. If you are trying to decide whether your deck just needs some renovations or if it’s time to install a new one, here’s some advice from our pros here at Tristate Remodelers.

Is There Rotted Wood?

If there is one thing we often find to be a problem with many decks here in New Jersey, it is rotted wood. However, rotted wood doesn’t always mean your entire deck needs to be replaced. For example, if only a few boards here and there have rotted, you can hire deck builders in East Brunswick, NJ such as us here at Tristate Remodelers to renovate your deck. Since we only use the best pressure-treated wood, your deck will be good as new in no time.

Weak Joists and Beams

If your deck has joists and beams that are weak, we here at Tristate Remodelers suggest you consider the installation of a new deck. Since we have been trusted deck contractors in Ewing, NJ and the surrounding area for many years, we can work with you to install a new deck at an affordable price.

Local Building Regulations

Should your deck be several decades old, we can say with some certainty that it’s likely no longer up to current building codes. Since standards for deck construction have changed over the years to make decks much safer, you should work with us here at Tristate Remodelers. Having done numerous deck installations in Piscataway, NJ, and other nearby communities over the years, we can assess your deck’s condition, recommend whether repairs or a replacement are needed, and get your deck back up to code in no time.

Call Us Today

Whether your deck needs to be repaired or replaced, trust the job to our team of deck professionals here at Tristate Remodelers. Providing free estimates, quality workmanship, and a customer service experience that is second to none, you can count on us for whatever your deck may need. To schedule your free estimate and find out why we here at Tristate Remodelers are New Jersey’s most trusted family-owned contractor, call us at 877-871-0051 at your earliest convenience.