What Happens if You Do Not Waterproof Your Basement

What Happens if You Do Not Waterproof Your BasementIt is estimated that 90 percent of basements leak. That is why it is a good idea for you to waterproof your basement. Several problems can result if you do not waterproof your basement.


Mold tends to grow in an environment with moisture. It doesn’t take a lot of moisture for the mold to grow. Mold can cause a pungent odor to develop. It can also cause respiratory issues. The spores from the mold can end up in the air. You may start to develop flu-like symptoms, such as headaches, red, itchy eyes, fatigue, and wheezing.

Unlike the flu, those symptoms likely won’t go away as long as you have mold in your home. Your symptoms may be even worse if you have pre-existing health problems. If you do not waterproof your basement, then you can expect mold to develop.

Discolored Carpet

If you have carpet in your basement, then you can expect it to develop stains if you do not waterproof the basement. You will have to get a professional carpet cleaning to get the stains out. If the stains are bad, then you will likely have to get the carpet replaced. Waterproofing your carpet will keep it in good condition. As one of the best home remodelers in the area, we can help you replace your carpet.

Wreak Havoc on Your Furniture and Pictures

Basements are naturally damp. A little bit of dampness may not seem like a big deal. However, if you have furniture and pictures in your basement, then they can be ruined by the dampness. Your pictures and furniture may not be salvageable if they are seriously damaged.

Damaged Foundation

Leaks are one of the many problems that can result if you do not waterproof your basement. If you do not get this problem fixed, then it will only get worse. Your foundation will develop wide cracks. It can also cause your foundation to shift and become weaker.

Damaged Walls

The leaks can cause stains to develop on your walls. You may end up needing to call our home remodeling company in NJ if your walls are severely damaged. Not only can this cause aesthetic issues, but it can also cause structural problems. It can also be expensive to repair.


Basements are typically filled with things that are made out of metal. That is why if your basement has water in it, then rust will develop on it.

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