Upgrade Your Bathroom With Fresh Tile & Curtain-less Shower Space

Upgrade Your Bathroom With Fresh Tile & Curtain-less Shower Space



If you are getting bathroom remodeling in Piscataway, NJ, then there are many options that you can choose from. However, you should consider getting fresh tile installed in the bathroom. You should also have a curtainless shower space.

Benefits of Fresh Tile

Moisture Resistant

Bathrooms are prone to mold because they tend to retain a lot of moisture. One of the many great things about tile is that it is resistant to moisture. That is why your bathroom will be less likely to accumulate mold. However, it is important to seal the tile because it can be damaged by soap, cleansers, and shampoo.

Easy to Maintain

Tile requires maintenance just like any other type of material that is used. However, it is easier to maintain tile because it is resistant. You will need to clean your tile regularly. It should also be sealed regularly.


Tile is one of the most durable materials there is. The type of tile that you have is one of the factors that will determine how long it lasts. If you have ceramic tile, then you can expect it to last 75 years. Stone tile can last up to 100 years.

Several Design Options

You can customize the tile that you want it to. You can even have the tile cut by a stonemason.

High-Cost Effectiveness

Tile can help you save money in several ways. Not only is it durable and can last many years, but it is a cost-effective option. Additionally, you can save money because tile does not require as much maintenance as other materials.

Benefits of Having a Curtainless Shower Space

Curtains have been a standard part of showers for many years. However, some advantages comes along with having a curtainless shower space. There will be less chance for mold to accumulate if your bathroom doesn’t have a curtain.

It will also be easier for you to clean a curtainless shower space. Curtains tend to accumulate a lot of bacteria and germs, so it is easier to keep a bathroom clean without a shower curtain. Many people feel like they do not have enough space in their bathrooms. However, if you have a curtainless shower space, then you can make the space appear like it it is bigger.

Furthermore, if you do not have a curtain in your bathroom, then you can allow more light to flow in.