Top 2020 home improvements for reselling a home

Kitchens and Bathrooms usually give you the best return on investment. It also is the biggest stand out when selling or buying a home. Yes, it provides a lot of comfort for families. But there’s more. The best home improvements for resale are those that add value to your home’s price and your family’s life. But let’s face it, home improvement projects typically don’t provide the same return on investment as you see on reality TV shows. Some projects recoup more cost than others, while some simply please the owners at a drastic loss.

Buying a home is probably the biggest investment of your life. Even though it’s the place you may hope to live for many years, you should still treat it as an investment. If you decide someday to sell, don’t let your home improvement projects cut into your profit.’s Cost vs. Value report took the most popular remodeling projects in 149 different markets across the U.S., gauging the cost and resale value after completion to find out which projects provide the most return on investment for the average homeowner.

What home improvements add the most value in 2020? The following 10 projects are the best home improvements for resale:

1. Garage Door Replacement – 1. Garage Door Replacement

2. Manufactured Stone Veneer Siding – Added Resale Value: $7,986

3. Steel Entry Door Replacement – Added Value: $1,344

4. New Wood Deck – Added Resale Value: $9,065

5. Minor Kitchen Remodel – Added Resale Value: $17,193

6. Siding Replacement – Added Resale Value: $11,554

7. Minor Bathroom Remodel – Added Resale Value: $13,422

8. Roofing Replacement – Added Resale Value: $14,320

9. New Composite Deck – Added Resale Value: $11,239

10. Additional Bathroom – Added Resale Value: $26,769

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