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New Kitchen Design | Tristate Remodelers

For years, we have called the kitchen the “heart” of the home. With 2019’s influx of new kitchen ideas, products, and smart technology, we might as well call it the “brain” of the home as well. Our kitchen designers at Tristate Remodelers are seeing some interesting patterns develop in the NJ area. These range from automated smart-kitchen innovations to bold, eccentric design materials. This year’s new products are right in line with what our clients are asking for. Here is a new kitchen idea to consider for your home renovation from some of the best kitchen manufacturers and designers in the space.

Dark and Bold Colors With Contrast

Whether in accessories, sinks, faucets, appliances, or cabinetry you’ll see dark and bold color in the design. Contrasting colors offset the hard surfaces that can make a kitchen feel cold. We are using hues in green, blue, dark grey, red, and even black. All are stunning when paired with finishes in white, metal, and wood.


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