How to Tell When It Is Time for New Siding

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Your siding plays a far more important role than just making your home look attractive. It keeps moisture from entering the house and helps you regulate the temperature within the home. There are a few signs that indicate it’s time for new siding. Here are a few of those signs.

1. Wallpaper Sagging

Your wallpaper may be sagging because of an exterior problem. Your siding is supposed to keep moisture from seeping through the exterior and into the insulation of your home. However, if the siding is cracked or broken, then moisture can start to seep through all the same.

It may soak the insulation and walls. Your wallpaper, unable to stick to a wet surface, will sag in the process. First, you should check for a leak within the wall. If all of the interior problems check out, then the problem is coming from your exterior. It’s likely worn-out siding.

2. Excessive Exterior Repairs

Siding is designed to hold its color for eight to ten years. However, if you find yourself needing to repaint it every year or every other year, then it may be time to replace the siding. Constantly repainting your siding means that it’s worn out. The material has faded to the point where it’s no longer functional.

You shouldn’t waste any more paint on the siding and instead replace it with new siding of the color of your choice.

3. Growth of Mold

Another sign that you need a trusted home remodeling company in NJ to replace your siding is if there’s mold growing on it. The growth of mold may not always be obvious. You need to check between the panels and beneath them, if possible.

Sometimes mold may also grow inside of your home, too. This is a sign that moisture has started to seep past the siding and into your home. Mold can cause serious health problems. It’s vital that the siding is replaced quickly to stop the spread of mold.

Otherwise, you may have an entire section of your home that needs to be replaced–exterior and interior.

Trust the Professionals with Your Siding Replacement

Knowing that you need new siding isn’t always obvious. Having Tristate Remodelers perform a thorough inspection can alleviate your fears or help you make the best decision for your siding. Give our team a call today to set up your project. You’ll love how your new siding looks.